Pallio della Carriera Carpineto Romano

The Pallio della Carriera in Carpineto Romano is linked to an old division of the city into the Dammonte and Dabballe districts, corresponding to the higher and lower situated parts of the old medieval town center.

Pallio della Carriera Carpineto Romano

History and description

Pallio della Carriera Carpineto Romano
Pallio della Carriera

It is a very old tradition, mention of which was already made in the communal archives of 1556 of the city of Carpineto Romano.

The Pallio used to take place in the contrada Corso, imitating the then famous horse race in what is nowadays the Via del Corso in Rome itself.

In occasion of the Pallio della Carriera, which takes place in the month of August, the city of Carpineto Romano organizes a number of other events, including the renowned Buskers Festival.

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