Carpineto Romano travel guide

Carpineto Romano is a small town, about 80 km south of Rome, in the central part of the Monti Lepini (Lepini Mountains). The town itself has around 5,000 inhabitants and is located more or less 550 m above sea level.

Carpineto Romano

Useful information

Carpineto Romano
Carpineto Romano

Tourist office: Piazza della Vittoria, 1 – Carpineto Romano (Phone: +39 06 97180046).

Town hall: Same address as the tourist office (Phone: +39 069718001).


Carpineto Romano’s main claim to fame is that it is the birthplace of Pope Leo XIII.

The city is of medieval origin, although there are quite a few ruins of the days of the Roman Empire to be seen, and is divided into the rione Dammonte and the Dabballe district, a division that becomes most evident during the annual Pallio della Carriera (August).

The town centre, which divides the two neighborhoods, is characterized by narrow streets with cobblestones and a mixture of elegant palazzi and more humble dwellings. The limestone doorways often contain inscriptions, both in Latin and in Italian, with admonishings and advice as well as imprecations.

Churches and other important buildings in Carpineto Romano

  • Church of St. Augustine
  • Church of St. Peter the Apostle
  • Church of St. Leo the Great
  • Palazzo Pecci
  • Church of St. Michele
  • Church of St. John
  • Church of SS Annunziata
  • Church of St. Maria del Popolo
  • St. Sebastian’s Church
  • Collegiate Church
  • Church of St. James
  • Church of St. Nicholas
  • Abbey Valvisciolo
  • The Palace of Volsci
  • The Relics of Pope Leo XIII
  • Simulacrum

Museums in Carpineto Romano

  • Museo Civico: La Reggia dei Volsci
  • I Cimeli di Leone XIII
  • Mostra di Arte Sacra “SIMULACRUM” (Chiesa di San Giacomo)
  • Museo Agropastorale: Le Capanne

Events and Festivals in Carpineto Romano

  • Pallio della Carriera
  • Busker’s Festival

Carpineto Romano, province of Rome

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