Carta Orvieto Unica (museum pass)

Like most larger Italian cities, Orvieto has a museum card, which gives access to most museums in the city. The card is called Carta Orvieta Unica and there are two versions, one for individuals and one for groups.

Museum pass Orvieto – Carta Orvieto Unica

Where to buy the pass?

San Brizio Chapel, Cathedral Orvieto
The Carta Orvieto Unica kaart is valid in the famous San Brizio Chapel.

For tourists arriving by train, the Carta Orvieto Unica is available in the parking garage near the central station. However, most tourists will find it more convenient to buy the card at the Tourist Office (Servizio Turistico Orvietano) in the Piazza del Duomo. Several hotels and other types of accommodation also sell the card. The pass costs 20 Euros for adults and 17 Euros per person for children, students, the elderly and groups of at least 15 people.

What are the benefits?

In addition to free admission to the city’s museums, you will also receive a free city map of Orvieto, on which all major tourist attractions are indicated. Furthermore, there is a list of these attractions, with opening hours and addresses. You may also use the funicular and city buses with the card. At affiliated attractions, cardholders are sometimes offered free guided tours.

Which Orvieto attractions are included?

  • The famous San Brizio Chapel in the Cathedral of Orvieto.
  • De Torre del Moro, the city’s tallest tower, with a beautiful panoramic view over both Orvieto itself and the surrounding countryside.
  • Orvieto Underground: A guided tour through the caves and corridors under the historical center.
  • Claudio Faina Museum
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