Casa dei Romagnano Turin

The Casa Romagnano is an originally medieval house in Turin that was restored by Riccardo Brayda around 1885. It is one of the oldest still inhabited houses of the city.

Casa dei Romagnano Turin

Useful information

Address: Via dei Mercanti, 9 – 10122 Torino. The house can only be viewed form outside.

History and description

Casa dei Romagnano Turin
Casa dei Romagnano

The main facade of the Casa dei Romagnani is on the Via dei Mercanti. It has on the second floor two windows in the form of a pointed arch, whose moldings are decorated with thistle and oak leaf motifs. Other windows on the second floor were replaced in the 16th century by ordinary ones with simpler decorations.

The second facade is located on an alley that is now closed, but during the Middle Ages was probably an avenue.

In the 17th century, without taking into account the existing decorations, a number of new windows were installed. These did provide better lighting for the interior.

During the restoration work carried out by Brayda, some tiles with the motto and coat of arms of the Romagnano family (a branch of a pine tree) were found, from which it was deduced that the house had belonged to this noble family.

Casa dei Romagnano Turin

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