Casa di Goethe Rome

Warhol's Portrait of Goethe

The Casa di Goethe (Goethe’s Home) is located in the Via del Corso, Rome‘s main shopping street, and it was here that Johann Wolfgang Goethe had his residence when he lived in in the city, between 1786 and 1788.

Casa di Goethe Rome

Address, opening hours and admission

Goethe Museum Rome
Casa di Goethe

Address: Via del Corso, 18 – Rome (District: rione Campo Marzio). Tel. +39 0632650412. Opening hours: 10.00-18.00. Closed: Mondays, 1 January, 1 May, 25 December. Admission: 5 Euros (3 Euro discount); Free for children below age 10. Roma Pass holders get a discount. Metro: Flaminio (line A).

History and description

Warhol's Portrait of Goethe
Goethe, painted by Andy Warhol.

Johann Wolfgang Goethe lived from 1749 to 1832 and was a well-known politician. His greatest fame was obtained as a writer, however, especially thanks to his first novel “The Sorrows of Young Werther”.

Durin Goethe‘s stay in Rome he was a guest of the German painter J.H.W.Tischbein. In the various hallways and rooms of the building a great many artifacts, including manuscripts, sculptures an drawings can be seen that refer to Tischbein‘s noted guest.

The general theme of the Casa di Goethe is the artist’s trip to Italy and the influence this voyage had on his philosophy.

Apart from the permanent exhibition, which includes Andy Warhol‘s famous portrait of Goethe (photo © Casa di Goethe), the gallery also organizes temporary exhibitions, concerts, lectures and film viewings.

In 2012 the Casa di Goethe also acquired the second floor of the building.

Casa di Goethe present exhibition

  • There is a more or less permanent exhibition at the museum, titled “Goethe in Italy”. It is dedicated to Goethe‘s trip through Italy and his stay in Rome.

Via del Corso, 18 – Rome

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