Casale della Cervelletta Rome

The Casale della Cervelletta is an ancient fortress in the Valle dell’Aniene Nature Reserve in Rome. It was built to protect the ancient Via Collatina and the Via Prenestina.

Casale della Cervelletta Rome

Useful information

The address of the Casale and the Torre della Cervelletta is Via della Cervelletta 47 – Rome. Metro: Ponte Mammolo (line B). Train: Palmiro Togliatti (FR2).

History and description

The Casale della Cervelletta is located at the top of a tuff stone cliff and is characterized by a tall tower surrounded by multiple massive structures.

The Cervelletta estate was built in the Middle Ages and originally (1202) belonged to the San Tommaso in Formis Monastery, then to the Basilica Lateranense before finally falling into the hands of the San Lorenzo Fuori le Mura Basilica.

In the 16th century it became the property of the Sforza family and in 1628 Cardinal Scipione Borghese took possession. (The Borghese’s coat of arms was displayed on the central window of the top floor until 1950.)

From the 17th century it has been known by its present name. In 1835 the Salviati family took over, after which the surrounding grounds were made malaria-free.

The 27 meter tall tower dates from the 12th century.

The Santa Maria Immacolata Church, built in 1911 after a project by the Marquis Carlo Lepri, is located where the Cappella dell’Assunta used to be.

Casale della Cervelletta, Rome

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