Casale Sant’Eusebio Rome

The Casale di Sant’Eusebio is an ancient farmhouse off the Via Tiburtina in the suburb of Settecammini in Rome. It is also known under the name Torre Sant’Eusebio, after its 26 meter tall 13th century tower.

Casale Sant’Eusebio Rome

Useful information

Casale Sant'Eusebio Rome
Casale Sant’Eusebio

Address: Via Torre Sant’Eusebio, 146 – Rome. District: Settecammini. Phone: +39 333 9864463. Free guided tours need to be booked in advance.

History and description

The Casale of Sant’Eusebio is located on a hill overlooking a bend in the Aniene river. The farmhouse, which is surrounded by a circle of tuff stone blocks, can be seen from afar thanks to its tall tower.

This tower has a height of around 26 meters. The bottom part is covered by slabs of travertine marble, that were probably taken from the ruins of some or other Roman villa in the area. The rest of the tower consists of red blocks of the reddish volcanic stone known as “tuff”. It also has Guelph battlements.

The complex was built between the 12th and 13th centuries, for the aristocratic family Papazzurri. Already in the 13th century, it was acquired by the Sant’Eusebio Convent of the Celestine Order.

Still later, first the Cesi and then the Borghese bought the complex, which is now private property.

The visit includes climbing the tower, with a panoramic view over Rome and the countryside as a reward.

Casale Sant’Eusebio Rome

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