Castello Odescalchi Santa Marinella

The Castello Odescalchi is an ancient castle near the port of Santa Marinella, a beach town located 60 kilometres from Rome.

Castello Odescalchi Santa Marinella

Useful information

Address: Viale Roma, 11 – 00058 Santa Marinella. Phone: +39 0766 511505. Opening times: From 10:00 to 17:00.

History and description

Castello Odescalchi Santa Marinella
Castello Odescalchi

The Castello Odescalchi was constructed on the ruins of ancient Punicum (which was to later become Santa Marinella) and the Villa of Ulpiano.

Palm and pine trees line the circumference of the castle.

The construction is characterized by three corner towers and one large central tower. This last tower is round and was probably built to protect the small settlement that had arisen towards the beginning of the 11th century.

This settlement had been founded by Basilian monks. These were from the east and named the hamlet after the Christian martyr Santa Marina, whom they revered.

The castle itself was built in the 15th century. Fortifications, including the bastions were added two centuries later.

The castle first came into the hands of the Di Vico. Then the Anguillara took over, after which it was the Orsini’s turn.

This last aristicratic family was succeeded by the Roman Santo Spirito in Sassia hospital.

Finally, in 1887, it became property of the current owners, the Odescalchi.

Castello Odescalchi Santa Marinella

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