Castello Ruspoli Vignanello

The Castello Ruspoli is the main tourist attraction of Vignanello. It is best known for its impressive, symmetrically laid out parterre.

Castello Ruspoli Vignanello

Address, opening times and entrance price

The address of the castle is Piazza della Repubblica, 9 – 01039 Vignanello (tel. +39 0761755338). Opening hours: Sundays and holidays from 10:00 to 13:00 and 15:00 to 18:00. Closed: August. Entrance fee: Unknown.

History and description

Castello Ruspoli Vignanello
Castello Ruspoli

The Castello Ruspoli was built in 1280, when Nicolò III was pope. Previously, a Benedictine Monastery from the 9th-11th centuries was located on this site.

Its current appearance is the result of a reconstruction in 1536. This reconstruction was commissioned by Count Sforza-Marescotti and his mother-in-law Beatrice.

Probably the project was designed by Antonio da Sangallo the Younger.

The castle is square, with Ghibellian battlements. There is a bastion at each corner and a moat around it.

Within the castle is a typical Italian garden. It was commissioned by Ottavia Orsini in 1611 and has hardly changed in the past four centuries.

The parterre de broderie of the garden is divided into 12 rectangular sections. Hedges of different plant species (myrtle, cherry laurel, boxwood and viburnum) were used to create symmetrical motifs. In the center of the garden there is a fish pond (perhaps) designed by Vignola with a balustrade around it. At the corners of the parterre are lemon plants in terracotta vases.

Castello Ruspoli, Vignanello

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