Castra Albana Albano Laziale

The Castra Albana is the ruin of the former army camp of the 2nd Parthian Legion. This camp would grow and develop into what is now the town of Albano Laziale.

Castra Albano Albano Laziale

Address, opening hours and ticket price

The address of the Castra Albana is – Albano Laziale. In order to visit this tourist attraction, one should consult the Museo Civico Albano in advance (Address: Viale Risorgimento 3, tel. +39 069325759 or 069323490).

History and Description

Castra Albana Albano laziale
Wall of the Castra Albana

The Castra Albana was built in the year 202 by order of Emperor Septimius Severus . It was to house about six thousand soldiers of the 2nd Parthian Legion.

Around the army camp was a huge rectangular defensive wall with battlements. At the corners there were round towers, while along the sides there were several more square towers.

The total area of the camp measured about 10 hectares. On the long sides the walls measured about 435 meters and on the short sides they were about 232 meters long.

What is still visible of the camp today are some pieces of the walls. These were part of a number of towers and ruins of both ordinary houses and military buildings that stood within the walls. The main entrance gates have also survived. Several parts of the streets covered with a kind of cobblestone (basolo) still remain intact.

The archaeological artefacts unearthed during the excavations are exhibited at the Museo Civico di Albano.

Castra Albana Albano Laziale