Castrum di Ambrifi Lenola

The ruins of the Castrum di Ambrifi are located outside the historical center of Lenola in the province of Latina. Part of the church of this suburb, which was abandoned after the Middle Ages, can still be seen. of the old castle, only a tower remains.

Castrum di Ambrifi Lenola

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Castrum di Ambrifi Lenola
Castrum di Ambrifi

Ambrifi is located along the SS637 to Frosinone, about 2 kilometres from Lenola itself. To get to the Castrum di Ambrifi, walk past the Madonna del Campo church into a chestnut grove.

History and description

The Castrum di Ambrifi was a medieval settlement. It was completely abandoned towards the end of the 15th century. It used to be located on top of a hill and was protected by an elliptical town wall.

At the time, with an area of 13 thousand square metres, the village was larger than Lenola itself. There was a small church dedicated to the Madonna, consisting of a single nave with a spherical apse, which can still be seen.

At the very top of the hill stood a castle, of which, however, almost nothing remains, except a 7-metre-high square tower.

The ruins of the Castrum di Ambrifi are located at an altitude of more than 600 meters above sea level.

Where the houses used to be, many ceramics have been found. These are being preserved in the Centro Studi “Renato Ingrao”.

Castrum di Ambrifi Lenola

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