Catacomb of Generosa Rome (and Basilica)

The Catacombs of Generosa are situated in the Portuense district in the outskirts of Rome. Of the early Christian Basilica of Generosa, which was built on top of the Catacombs , not much is left, other than some ruins.

Catacomb of Generosa Rome

Useful Information

The address of the Basilica di Generosa is Via delle Catacombe di Generosa – 00148 Rome. Bus: 128, 228, 719, N14. Train: Magliana (FL1). The basilica can not be visited. It is only rarely possible to visit the monument. For information, call +39 06 4465610 (Pontificia Commissione di Archeologia Sacra).

History and Description

Rome - Catacomb of Generosa (fresco)
Fresco depicting Santa Viatrice and either San Simplicioo or San Rufo.

The Catacomb of Generosa was developed around the year 300 in a quarry of a type of stone called pozzolana. Generosa was the name of the owner of the land.

Then in 370, as was the custom, Pope Damasus had a basilica built on top of the catacomb.

In the year 682, the main martyrs buried there (Simplicius, Faustinus and Beatrice) were moved by Pope Leo II to St. Paul’s Church (which does not exist anymore, but was located near the present Santa Bibiana Church). Both the catacomb and the basilica subsequently fell into disrepair.

The ruins were discovered by chance in 1868. Part of the basilica was excavated, but it was not until 1980 that the remains were fully brought to light.

Catacomb of Generosa, Rome

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