Cathedral Vetralla

The Cathedral of Vetralla is dedicated to Sant’Andrea Apostolo. It was built in the early 18th century by Gian Battista Contini, although the facade was finished much later.

Cathedral Vetralla

Useful information

Address: Via Cassia, 175 – Vetralla. Phone: Unknown.

Cathedral Vetralla

History and description

Construction of the Cathedral of Vetralla lasted from 1711 till 1720. The architect was Gian Battista Contini. The work needed to be interrupted multiple times due to lack of finances.

In order to build the Duomo, an older church, also dedicated to Sant’Andrea, and several houses had to be destroyed.

The facade was finished later, by Giacomo Tedeschi.

The cathedral consist of a single nave and three chapels on each side. The chapels are connected to each other. The dome rests an an octagonal structure ending in a circular lantern.

The brick floors are the work of Carlo Antonio Tedeschi. The chapels are decorated with wooden decorations and several paintings. Some of these works of art date back to the 112th century.

The highlight is a gilded silver reliquary.

Once every 25 years, the wooden statue depicting the Santissima Concezione is paraded through the streets of Vetralla.

Cathedral Vetralla