Celleno City Guide

Celleno is a very small town of just over 1000 inhabitants between Lake Bolsano and Lake Alviano and between the towns of Orvieto and Viterbo. The original town, which is by far the most interesting part of the municipality, is almost completely abandoned.


Tourist information

The address of the town hall is Piazza della Repubblica, 8 – 01020 Celleno (tel. +39 0761912002). The ZIP code is 01020 and the area code is 0761.

By car/public transportation


From Viterbo by car: Follow the Strada Provinciale Tiberina (SP5) in northern direction.

From Rome by car: Take the A1 motorway to the north. Take the exit at Orte and follow the SS675 in the direction of Viterbo.

Public transport from Viterbo: There are direct Cotral buses. However, make sure to check whether your bus continues to the old town (Celleno Vecchio) instead of ending at the modern (uninteresting) city.

Public transport from Rome: There is no direct connection, It is recommended to take a bus to Viterbo first and to continue from there.

A brief history of Celleno

During the Middle Ages, Celleno was owned by several larger towns, including Viterbo and Orvieto. In 1392, the city passed to the Alessandri family and a few years later to Silvestro Gatti, who had to pay an annual fee to Pope Boniface IX for this privilege. It remained the property of the Gatti family for over a century, before it was given to the Orsini clan by Pope Clement VII (1527). In 1580 the whole area came under the authority of the Apostolic Chamber. The name Celleno dates back to Greek times and means “cell” or “cave”, which is related to the many caves carved into the tuff in the area.

Tourist attractions

The main attraction of the city is the old historic center, which is located about one kilometer from the present city and is almost completely deserted.

Celleno, Province of Viterbo, Latium, Italy

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