Cellere City Guide

Cellere is a small town of just over 1,000 inhabitants. It is located 40 kilometres north-west of Viterbo, in a wooded area that is becoming increasingly popular with tourists for its natural beauty.

Cellere City Guide

Tourist information

The address of the town hall is Via Cavour, 90 – 01010 Cellere. (Tel. +39 0761451791). The ZIP code is 01010 and the area code is 0761. The only suburb is Pianiano.

By car/public transport

Pianiano Cellere
The most interesting part of Cellere can be seen in the suburb of Pianiano.

From Viterbo by car: take the SP2 to Tuscania and then the SP14 to Canino and finally the SS312.

From Rome by car: Take the E80 to Montalto di Castro and then the SS312.

Public transport from Viterbo: Take the Cotral bus to Tuscania, where you have to change buses.

Public transport from Rome: Take the train to Montalto di Castro and then the bus to your destination.

A brief history of Cellere

The name of the town comes from an ancient Roman settlement, which is said to have had the name Cellae Cerris. Cellere was first mentioned under its current name in the 8th century. In the course of the centuries, various feudal lords, sometimes with the help of the Church, sometimes with the help of whichever currently most powerful nearby city-state, had power over the city. Under the Farnese, who also built a castle in the town, it was part of the Duchy of Castro. In 1649 it came back into the hands of the Church. In 1927, by order of the Fascist government, the entire territory of Cellere came under the province of Viterbo, having previously been part of the province of Rome.

Tourist attractions

The main tourist attraction of Cellere is the Sant’Egidio Abate Church, which was designed by Antonio Sangallo the Younger. The Rocca Farnese is a castle in the centre and the borough of Pianiano has the richest history in the city.

Events and Festivals

The feast day of the patron saint Sant’Egidio is on 1 September.

Cellere, Province of Viterbo, Latium, Italy

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