Sant’Agostino Auditorium and Church Atri

The Sant’Agostino Church in Atri no longer serves as such, but multiple altars and beautiful paintings can still be seen in this building now used as an auditorium. The highlight in this 13th century church is a fresco painted by Andrea de Lito.

Church of Sant’Agostino Atri

Useful information

Address: Corso Elio Adriano, 41-57, 64032 Atri. Phone: +39 085 8791210.

History and description

Sant'Agostino Church Atri
Sant’Agostino Church

The Sant’Agostino Church was built in the 13th century. After a renovation in the 14th century, it was rededicated, to the Saints Giacomo and Caterina. One renovation later it was again dedicated to Sant’Agostino.

At present, the church is deconsecrated and used as an auditorium. However, some of the ancient elements can still be seen.

The facade is graced by a beautiful entrance door decorated with saints and with plant motifs. The door was made by Matteo da Napoli in 1420. In response to accusations that the work was not progressing fast enough, the artist also sculpted a snail among the ornaments.

The bell tower is very similar to the one of the cathedral, but in a smaller version.

What to see

Although the church has been deconsecrated, the Baroque altars are still there, and a number of half-vanished frescoes are still visible in the side chapels.

The highlight is the large fresco of the “Madonna delle Grazie between Saints and Worshippers” by Andrea de Lito. This 15th century fresco is located next to the left side entrance

Sant’Agostino Church, Atri

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