Church of Sant’ Eligio Todi

The Sant’Eligio Church is a small church in Todi. The highlight is its façade, which incorporates part of the Porta Perugina, one of the ancient city gates

Church of Sant’ Eligio Todi

Useful information

Address: Via Borgo Nuovo – Todi. Phone: +39 . Opening times: . Ticket price: Free.

History and description

Sant' Eligio Church Todi
Sant’Eligio Church

The Sant’Eligio Church was probably built in the early 13th century. This can be deduced from the right part of the façade, which uses part of the wall of the Porta Perugina which was built at that time.

The church changed its name very often. One of these names was Santa Croce and Sant’Angelo Church. However, when it was given to the Corporation of Blacksmiths in 1776, it was dedicated to their patron saint, the French bishop Sant’Eligio.

The facade consists of large blocks of limestone. The wooden entrance gate has a lunette.

The interior consists of a single nave, the upper part of which is graced with a fresco cycle. the floor is mad of terracotta.

The small bell tower is located at the back of the church.

What to see

The altarpiece, “San Michele Arcangelo and Sant’Eligio di Noyon”, was painted in 1777. The latter is depicted with a golden crown and an anvil, symbols of the blacksmiths’ trade.

Originally, the fresco cycle depicting “Events from the life of the Madonna” ran all along the interior walls of the church. The painter responsible for the left wall was an unknown local artist. The right wall was painted in 2007 by Edmond Agalliu, an Albanian painter, who imitated the style of the original frescoes.

“The Eternal Blessing” gracing the vault was the work of Domenico Solti.

Church of Sant’ Eligio Todi

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