Church of Santa Maria Addolorata in Accumoli

The Church of Santa Maria Addolorata in Accumoli is also known as the Santa Maria della Misericordia Church. Unfortunately the church almost completely collapsed as a result of the 2016 earthquakes.

Church of Santa Maria Addolorata Accumoli

Useful information

Very little is left of the church. Almost 100 works of art are in deposits, waiting to be restored.

History and description

The Chiesa di Santa Maria Addolorata is the oldest church of Accumoli. It used to house several confraternities.

The church was renovated in the 18th century.

What to see

These are the main works of art awaiting restoration.


There are several 17th century wooden Baroque altars inside the church.


Alessandro Turchi, aka l’Orsetto (the “Little Bear”) was a 17th century painter of the Venetian school. One of his paintings used to grace the walls of the church.

The highlight of the church is an 18th century wooden statue depicting a “Pietà” in the right chapel. It was made by an unknown sculptor from Abruzzo.


The Oratory next to the church contains a wooden organ and several stucco decorations.

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