Churches Ancona

Even during a brief walk through the center of Ancona you will see several beautiful churches. The main one is the Cathedral, dedicated to San Ciriaco, situated on top of a hill. One of the oldest churches of the city is the Santa Maria della Piazza Church.

Churches Ancona

San Ciriaco Cathedral

San Ciriaco Cathedral Ancona

The Cathedral of Ancona is dedicated to Saint Ciriaco and is located on the Colle Guasco. It is a medieval church built on the ruins of a pre-existing early Christian structure.Originally the entrance was on the east side, but it was moved to the other side in the early 13th century.

San Domenico Church

San Domenico Church Ancona
San Domenico Church

The San Domenico Church is an 18th century church in Ancona that contains a number of works of art by great masters such as Titian and Guercino. The church stands in the Piazza del Plebiscito and served as a barracks during the French occupation.

San Francesco delle Scale Church

San Francesco alle Scale Kerk (Ancona)
San Francesco alle Scale Kerk

The San Francesco delle Scale Church is a 14th century church in Ancona. The most striking feature of this church is its huge, richly decorated portal. Over the centuries, this church has served as a barracks, hospital, and museum. Today it is once again a church.

Santa Maria della Piazza Church Ancona

Santa Maria della Piazza Church Ancona

The Santa Maria della Piazza Church is one of the oldest and most beautiful churches in the city. Especially its fa├žade is of great beauty. It has been known over the centuries under different names. Under Napoleon, the church first served as a stable, and later as a mint.

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