Churches Avezzano

Most churches in Avezzano are modern, since they were built after the earthquake of 1915. Even the Cathedral, which already existed in the 10th century, in its present version is only a century old.

Churches Avezzano

San Bartolomeo Cathedral

San Bartolomeo Cathedral Avezzano
San Bartolomeo Cathedral

The present San Bartolomeo Cathedral (or Cattedrale dei Marsi) was built after the earthquake of 1915. Finds between the rubble left after the quake seem to indicate that the church that occupied the site before was the Benedictine San Salvatore Church. This church was built in 866.

Madonna di Pietraquaria Church

The late medieval Madonna di Pietraquaria Church outside Avezzano has undergone many reconstructions over the centuries. The associated convent dates back to the 19th century. On April 27, a procession reenacting the Stations of the Cross is held here.

San Rocco Church

Churches Avezzano - San Rocco

The San Rocco Church was built in 1958, next to another church of the same name, which was then turned into a cinema. It consists of a single nave with two side chapels and a square apse, which is slightly higher than the rest of the church. The bell tower was restored in 2009.

Address: Via Aquila – Avezzano.

San Pio X Church

Pio X Church Avezzano

The San Pio X Church in the Nicette district was constructed in 1966. the church consists of a single nave, ending in a slightly raised apse. The cupola is cone-shaped. The church is lit by tall windows above the entrance and in the side walls.

Address: Borgo Angizia – Avezzano.

Spirito Santo Church

Santo Spirito Church Avezzano

The Spirito Santo Church in Avezzano was built between 1991 and 2002. It consists of a single nave and is located in the Pulcina district. The most striking part of the building is the central niche, which is flanked by two entrances. A painting depicting the “Holy Spirit” is visible above the niche.

Address: Via Ugo La Malfa – Avezzano.

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