Ciampino travel guide

Ciampino is a small town bordering Rome and is best known for its airport. The budget airline RyanAir has this airport as its home base. Most of the city is modern. The town has less than forty thousand inhabitants. For the average tourist, Ciampino does not have much to offer.

Ciampino travel guide

Useful information

Region: Lazio. Province: Rome. Postal code: 00043. Area code: 06. Town hall: Largo Felice Armati, 1 (tel. 06790971). There is no tourist office in Ciampino.

Ciampino airport Rome
The city is best known because of its airport.

Public transportation: There is a direct train connection between Roma Termini and the center of Ciampino. If you want to go to the airport, you will have to take a bus after that. From the center of Rome you can also take the subway to Anagnina (last stop on line A) and then take a Cotral or ATAC bus. Be careful to take the right one, because some buses go directly to the airport and do not stop in the center.

Airport: The G.B. Pastine airport is located partly in Rome and partly in Ciampino. It is used for over 90% by flights of the budget airline RyanAir. There are several ways to travel to Rome from the airport.

What to see in Ciampino

The city, as mentioned, is not rich in tourist attractions. The most important ones are:

Villa di Quinto Voconio Pollione: This villa was discovered by chance in 1880, during the construction of a railroad line. Sculptures found here can be seen in the Vatican Museums, and elsewhere.

Other remains from Roman times are stretches of an ancient road leading to Frascati and to the south.

Monuments from the 17th century include the Villa Segni and the better-known Casale dei Monaci.

The oldest church of the city is the San Luigi Gonzaga Church.

A brief history of Ciampino

In the past, Ciampino was not a municipaliy, but a frazione (suburb) of neighboring Marino. In Roman times, the territory of the current city was sparsely populated and mostly contained farms and some rural villas. The city is named after a 17th century papal prelate, who had a large estate in the area.

How to reach Ciampino by car

The city is located about 15 kilometers southeast of Rome. By car, it is most convenient to follow either the Via Appia Nuova, or the Via Tuscolana followed by the Via Anagnina.

Ciampino, province of Rome

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