Città dell’Altra Economia Rome

The Città dell’Altra Economia (“City of the Other Economy”) in Rome was the first permanent market in Europe that exclusively accommodates alternative economies and has no room for multinationals.

Città dell’Altra Economia Rome

Useful information

The entrance to the Città dell’Altra Economia is Largo Dino Frisullo. Opening hours: Tuesdays till Sundays from 07:30 till midnight. The nearest metro stop is Piramide (line B).

History and description

The Città is located in the Roman district of Testaccio, on the Campo Boario of the ex-Mattatoio, a former slaughterhouse. The merchandise sold there was all manufactured without harming nature or exploiting people.

The area is immense, 3,500 square kilometers, more than half of which is covered. The style of the complex is adapted to the surrounding buildings and, of course, solar panels are used to provide electricity.

Città dell’Altra Economia Rome

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