City gates Scarlino (Porta Portese and Porta Pisana)

Scarlino has two city gates. The oldest is the Porta Senese, where the road to Siena used to start. However, the Porta Pisana is the better preserved one of the two. When Emperor Charles IV traveled from Siena to Pisa in 1379, the people of the town kept the gates closed.

City gates Scarlino

Porta Pisana

The Porta Pisana is also known as the Porta a Mare. As the name indicates, the road leading to Pisa started here. As described on the plaque, this gate was opened in 1326. The arch is semi-circular and characterized by slightly protruding imposts. It is made of travertine marble. On the outside is a single arch, on the inside a double one. The first forms the actual gate, while the second serves as a support. The Porta Pisana is located at the beginning of Via della Repubblica.

Porta Senese

The Porta Senese stands at the beginning of the street that led towards Siena. Another name often given to this gate is the Porta della Fonte. It is less well preserved than the Porta Pisana. The semicircular arch is still standing, but the upper part and the architrave have been removed in the course the centuries. The Porta Senese was built in 1255. For a long time it was the only gateway into the city. Once inside the gate, one walks into Via Gorizia.

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