City walls and gates Alatri

The ancient city walls of Alatri are among the most impressive attractions of the city. Five ancient gates form the entrances to the old historic center.

City Walls and city gates Alatri

The ancient walls

Porta San Benedetto Alatri
Porta San Benedetto and part of the ancient wall.

The city walls around the historic center of Alatri were built using the same technique as the Acropolis, i.e. by placing large blocks of smooth stone directly on top of each other, without the use of cement.

The city walls are built directly on the rock and follow the course of the hill on which they are constructed.

During the Middle Ages the large towers were added.

The city gates

There are five city gates, called Porta San Pietro, Porta Portati, Porta San Nicola, Porta San Francesco and Porta San Benedetto respectively.

The Porta San Pietro is located on the north side. In 1863 it lost the architrave that used to crown it.

The Porta Portati now has a double arch, which replaced the medieval one-block arch.

The Porta San Nicola, whose exterior was replaced in the 19th century.

The Porta San Francesco precedes a hall, which probably contained another gate.

The Porta San Benedetto is the one best preserved in its original state.