Civetta neighborhood Siena

The Contrada della Civetta (“District of the Owl”) is one of the most central historical neighborhoods of Siena. Its biggest attractions are the Loggia della Mercanzia and the Palazzo Tolomei.

Civetta neighborhood Siena

What to see in the Civetta district

Sant’Antonio di Padova Church

The Sant’Antonio di Padova Church (Via Cecco Angolieri) is the central church of the district. The church itself was consecrated in 1945, but there are some older works of art on display.

Castello degli Ugurgieri and the Contrada Museum

The Museo della Contrada is located in the Castellare degli Ugurgieri. Here, trophies won at the Paleo are on display, as well as symbols (banners and flags) of the district itself. Also on display are majolicas from the Middle Ages.

San Cristoforo Church

San Cristoforo Church in the Ciivetta neighborhood in Siena
San Cristoforo Church

The San Cristoforo Church (Piazza Tolomei) dates back to the 11th century. The facade was rebuilt after the 1798 earthquake. Until the 14th century, the city council used to meet in this church. The sculpture group at the main altar is from the completely demolished San Benedetto ai Tufi monastery.

Palazzo Tolomei

The Palazzo Tolomei is a historic building dating from the 13th century. It was owned by the noble Tolomei family itself until a few years ago.

Palazzo Sansedoni

The Palazzo Sansedoni has one facade on the Banchi di Sotto and another one on Piazza del Campo. It was built in the 14th century and is the current seat of the Monte dei Paschi di Siena (a bank). Attractions include the old medieval tower and the Beato Ambrogio Sansedoni Chapel inside the palace.

Loggia della Mercanzia

Loggia della Mercanzia Siena
Loggia della Mercanzia

The Loggia della Mercanzia is located on the so-called Croce del Travaglio, where three important streets meet. The building is graced by statues made in the 15th century depicting a number of saints.

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