Civita Castellana City Guide

Civita Castellana city guide

Civita Castellana is one of the larger towns in the province of Viterbo (about 17,000 inhabitants). Is located in the very south-western corner of the province. Main attractions are the Forte Sangallo and the Cathedral.

Civita Castellana City Guide

By Car/Public Transport

The city is about 40 kilometres south of Viterbo and about 50 kilometers north of Rome.

From Viterbo by car: Take the SR2 to Monterosi and then the SS311.

From Rome by car: Follow the SS3 in a northerly direction until you reach your destination.

Public transport from Viterbo: The town is on the railway line.

Public transport from Rome: First take the underground to Flaminio station (line A) and then the train to Civita Castellana.

A brief history of Civita Castellana

Civita Castellana originated from an ancient settlement called Falerii that existed before the beginning of our era. The 15th century was important for the city because the man who was later to become Pope Alexander VI had the defensive walls reinforced.

Early history

Civita Castellana city guide
Piazza Matteotti

Civita Castellana was built on the same spot where Falerii, the main city of a people called Falisci, used to be. Falerii was razed to the ground by the Romans in the year 241 BC.

The inhabitants of the former Falerii built a new town some distance away, which was called Falerii Novi, while others started a new settlement on the old site, which was called Falerii Veteres.

After being attacked by the barbarians, everyone moved back to Falerii Veteres and to prevent future attacks, a robust city wall was built.

Middle ages and modern times

The cathedral (Duomo) of Civita Castellana was built in the 12th century.

In the 15th century, Rodrigo Borgia had the defensive constructions improved by the architect Antonio Sangallo the Elder. He also had a new district built, which was called Borgo Alessandrino. He himself had also changed his name and job and was now called Pope Alexander VI. This district was later destroyed by the Landsknechts.

The construction of a connecting street to the Via Flaminia (1606) and of a bridge over the Tiber (early 18th century) ensured that the local economy flourished from then on.

What to see in Civita Castellana

Forte Sangallo Civita Castellana
Forte Sangallo

The Forte Sangallo rises above the centre of the town and is being used as the seat of an archaeological museum. The most important churches are the cathedral and the San Francesco Church.

Events and Festivals

The city’s most famous annual event is the Civita Festival, which takes place in the month of July and is dedicated to classical music, opera and jazz.

Tourist information

The address of the town hall is Piazza G. Matteotti 3 – 01033 Civita Castellana (tel. +39 07615901). The ZIP code is 010133 and the area code is 0761. The city has the following suburbs: Borghetto, Pian Paradiso, Sassacci, Casale Ettorre.

Civita Castellana, Provincie Viterbo, Regio Latium, Italiƫ

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