Clivo di Scauro Rome

The Clivo di Scauro is one of few streets in Rome that has retained its original Roman name. The most important attractions along this street are the Santi Giovanni and Paolo Basilica and the Roman Houses underneath the Celio Hill. Part of the street is covered by a set of arches.

Clivo di Scauro Rome

History and description

Clivo di Scauro Rome
Arches over the Clivo di Scauro

Not only has the name not changed since antiquity, the Clivus Scauri also still follows its original trajectory. The evidence for this comes both from medieval documents and from an inscription from the imperial age.

The street was opened by a member of the wealthy and influential Aemillii Scauri family.

The most important attraction along the Clivo di Scauro is an archeological site known as the Roman Houses under the Celio Hill. These are located underneath the picturesque Santi Giovanni and Paolo Basilica, a popular church for Roman weddings.

The most photogenic part of the street is crossed by a number of brick arches. It is likely that these already existed in ancient times, but the ones you can see now stem from the middle ages. Until the 16th century there was a second row of arches on top of the ones that are still there.

Clivo di Scauro Rome

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