Collatino District Rome (Q. XXII)

Collatino is is the name of the 22nd quartiere of Rome and gets its name from the Via Collatina. The district is in the eastern part of the city and is bordered by the Via Tiburtina and the Via Prenestina.

Collatino District Rome (Q.XXII)

Villa Gordiani Mausoleum Rome
Villa Gordiani Mausoleum

The Via Collatina is an old Roman road that veered off from the Via Tiburtina to reach the ancient city of Collatia. It is not know where exactly Collatio was located. One of the hypotheses is an area now called La Rustica, which is where the Via Collatina still ends.

In Roman times, the area was occupied by impressive villas. Of one of these, the Villa dei Gordiani, some ruins can still be seen. The central building of the complex was first owned by the Boccamazzi, then by the Order of the Holy Spirit, and finally by the Schiavi. A neighborhood and a street in the area are still called Tor de’ Schiavi.

Till the 19th century the area ws mostly used for agricultural purposes. Then a railway was laid and the Forte Tiburtino was built.

In the 1920’s may families had to leave their houses in the center because these were being replaced by newer constructions. One of the districts they moved to was the present Collatino.

After World War II more apartment blocks were built.

For tourists the district does not offer very much.

Quartiere Collatino, Roma

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