Colombario di Pomponia Hylas Rome

The Colombario di Pomponia Hylas is located in the Via di Porta Latina in Rome. The monument, which is located inside the Parco degli Scipioni, is closed at the moment (October 2021).

Colombario di Pomponia Hylas Rome

The colombario at the Via di Porta Latina dates back the first century AD and was owned by a certain Pomponia Hylas. It is however thought to be a commercial burial place, where people were buried who did not have enough money for a private tomb.

The tomb is located right in the middle of the Parco dei Scipioni and was not discovered until 1931.

Tombs containing more than one person at the time were called colombari and were used by the wealthier Romans to bury the cremated bodies of the slaves they had given their freedom.

Colombario di Pomponia Hylas, Rome

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