Column of San Cristoforo Atessa

The Column of San Cristoforo is located in the central square of Atessa, Piazza Garibaldi. The St. Christopher statue at the top is still there, but the accompanying lion has disappeared.

Column of San Cristoforo Atessa

Useful information

Colonna di San Cristoforo Atessa
Colonna di San cristoforo

Address: Piazza Garibaldi – Atessa. The monument can be seen from outside.

History and description

The Colonna di San Cristoforo is located at the highest point of the Colle di San Cristoforo. The monument was built after the Saint to whom it is dedicated allegedly prevented a plague epidemic in 1657.

After having been badly damaged due to fighting in World War II, the column was restored in 1955.

It is made of laterizia stone (a flat brick) and consists of two levels, both marked by round arches. At the top is a statue that obviously depicts San Cristoforo himself.

Column of San Cristoforo Atessa

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