Consular roads Rome

Consular roads are the ancient Roman roads that used to lead from the Eternal City to all corners of the empire. In Italian, these streets are called strade consolari. The most famous one of these roads is the Via Appia Antica, which ran all the way from Rome to Brindisi. Other important streets were the Via Salaria, the Via Aurelia, the Via Cassia and the Via Flaminia.

Consular roads Rome

Via Appia Antica

Via Appia Antica Rome
Via Appia Antica

The most famous Roman road is the Via Appia Antica. It begins near the Terme di Caracalla. Especially the first kilometers along this road are full of places of interest. The most famous of these are the various Catacombs, which were built just outside the ancient city walls. The nickname of the Via Appia Antica was “Queen of Streets.”

Via Flaminia

The Via Flaminia consular road leaves Rome northward and continues all the way to Rimini. It was the first street that connected the city to northern Italy. It entered the city at the Porta del Popolo, then called Porta Flaminia. Most of the Via Flaminia is today’s SS3, between Rome and the coastal town of Fano.

Via Aurelia

The Via Aurelia starts near the Vatican City and reaches the coast near Santa Marinella. from then on it more or less follows the Tyrrhenian Coast all the way to the French border and even beyond.

Via Tiburtina

When it was constructed, in the 3rd century BC, the Via Tiburtina still started at what is now the Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II. Nowadays it begins at the Porta Tiburtina. The Via Tiburtina traveled all the way to the Adriatic coast.

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