Coral Museum Torre del Greco

The Museo del Corallo (“Coral Museum”) is located next to the Chiesa del Carmine in the school of coral working in Torre del Greco.

Coral Museum Torre del Greco

Useful information

The address of the Museo del Corallo is Piazza Palomba, 6 – 80059 Torre del Greco (tel. +39 0818811360). Opening Hours: The museum can be visited by appointment only, in the morning during weekdays. Entrance fee: Free of charge.

History and description

Museo del Corallo in Torre del Greco
“Adoration of the Three Kings”, Coral Museum.

The history of the museum begins in 1878, with the foundation of the Scuola di Incisione sul Corallo e di Disegno Artistico Industriale. After its specialties were extended to include the processing of shells, ivory and lava rock, the school was renamed the Regia scuola d’incisione sul corallo e di arti decorative e industriali. One of the teachers, Enrico Taverna, started a museum attached to the school, the Museo del Corallo, in 1932.

What to see

The first vitrine features a vase of slate and coral made by the school’s founder, Enrico Taverna.

The second vitrine includes a sculpture group depicting the “Adoration of the Magi.” It was designed by Ferraciù and executed by Vincenzo Noto.

The Madonna in ivory in the 5th display case was made by Giuseppe Palomba.

Coral Museum Torre del Greco

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  1. joseph caruana says:

    Me e mia moglie stiamo  per visitare il vostro Coral Museum in Novembre. Sicome siamo tutti e due disabili vorremmo sapere se siamo esentati dal pagamento di entrata.


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