Corso d’Augusto Rimini

The main street of Rimini is called Corso d’Augusto. The street starts at the Arco d’Augusto (“Arch of Augustus“) and leads to Piazza Tre Martiri. It is here that the Forum was located in Roman times and it is here that Julius Caesar spoke some famous words after crossing the Rubicon.

Corso d’Augusto Rimini

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History and description

Arch of Augustus Rimini (Corso)
The Arch of Augustus is where the Corso starts.

Just off the beginning of the Corso d’Augusto, one can visit the Tempio Malatestiano, as Rimini’s Cathedral is called. The latter is graced by frescoes by Piero della Francesca and a “Crucifixion” painted by Giotto.

Walking further along Corso d’Augusto, one arrives at Piazza Cavour and the historical centre proper, with important Roman monuments such as the Domus del Chirurgo and the Ponte di Tiberio. The district starting at this bridge is called Borgo San Giuliano and is considered the city’s most authentic neighborhood. This is the district where much of Federico Fellini’s masterpiece “Amarcord” (Riminese dialect for “I remember”) is set.

What to see

Church of Santa Maria dei Servi

The Santa Maria dei Servi Church was founded in 1317 and completely renovated in the 18th century by the architect Stegani. Its decorations include plasterwork, gilded statues and paintings.

Palazzo Baldini

The Palazzo Baldini (Corso d’Augusto, 156) is located close to Piazza Cavour and was built in 1786 by Gaetano Stegani. It is still owned by the aristocrat Luigi Baldini. Today, the ground floor of the building is occupied by the movie house Supercinema.

Corso d’Augusto Rimini

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