Corso Cavour Montefiascone

The Corso Cavour is the main street of Montefiascone. Lined by multiple historical palaces, it connects the Piazza Roma and the Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, the most important squares of the city.

Corso Cavour Montefiascone

Useful information

Corso Cavour Montefiascone
Corso Cavour

The Corso Cavour is a one way street. From the Piazza Roma at the end of this street, there are buses to Viterbo. The street is separated from the Piazza Roma by the Porta del Borgo.

History and description

The Corso Cavour is one of the few straight roads in the historical center of Montefiascone. It follows the trajectory of the ancient road connecting the fortified part of town to the San Flaviano Church and the Via Cassia consular road.

Especially in the 19th century, this street was popular among the wealthier part of the population. This resulted in the construction of a number of palaces.

What to see

Palazzo Cernitori-Magno

The Palazzo Cernitori-Magno was probably constructed on top of a late-medieval church dedicated to San Leonardo. It is characterized by an impressive portal, which leads to the courtyard of the building. The Cernitori family crest is visible above the entrance.

Palazzo Federici

Hotel Umberto V Montefiascone
Hotel Umberto V

The Palazzo Federici is the present seat of the Hotel Urbano V. It is named after the family that owned it in the 19th and 20th centuries. Parts of the interior are graced by fragments of 19th century frescoes. Some of the rooms on the ground floor have been transformed into shops.

More buildings

Other palaces along the Corso Cavour include the Palazzo Ricca, Palazzo Savignoni, Palazzo Volpini, Palazzo Mauri and Palazzo Vaggi.

Corso Cavour, Montefiascone

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