Corso Galileo Ferraris Turin

With its 3.8 kilometers, the Corso Galileo Ferraris is one of the longest avenues in the center of Turin.

Corso Galileo Ferraris Turin

Useful information

Attractions: Vittorio Emanuele Monument, Monument for Pietro Micca.

History and description

The original name of the street was not Corso Galileo Ferraris, but Corso Giuseppe Siccardi. The name was changed in 1897, after the death of Ferraris. From that moment, one half of the street was named Corso Galileo Ferraris, while the other half kept the original name.

The original street had been laid in 1850, after the destruction of the old Citadel. The only surviving element of the latter is the Mastio.

From 1962 onward, the street had been lined with used book stalls. In 2001, the stalls had been given a roof. In 2018, the stalls were moved, to make way for a bike path.

Galileo Ferraris (1847-1897) was a pioneer of the alternating current power system and inventor of the induction motor.

Siccardi was a magistrate and senator and also city counsilor of Turin.

What to see

Vittorio Emanuele II Monument Turin
Vittorio Emanuele II

The monument for Vittorio Emanuele II is located at the intersection with the Corso Vittorio Emanuele. Its inauguration took place in 1899.

A second monument, dedicated to Pietro Micca, is located on the intersection with the Via Cernaia. Pietro Micca was a soldier, who became a her when he died defending the city against the French troops in 1706.

Corso Galileo Ferraris Turin

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