Cottolengo Turin

The official name of what is generally referred to as Cottolengo in Turin, is Piccola Casa della Divina Provvidenza. It is named after its founder, Giuseppe Benedetto Cottolengo (1786-1842), who was given sainthood in 1934.

Cottolengo Turin

Useful information

Address: Via San Giuseppe Benedetto Cottolengo, 14 – Turin. Phone: +39 011 5225111. Opening times: Guided tours are organized by appointment. Ticket price: .

History and description

Cottolengo Turin

The present seat of the Cottolengo was opened in 1832. Another house that he had opened four years earlier had been closed by the authorities in order to defeat a cholera epidemic.

The institute Cottolengo founded takes care of people with physical and mental disabilities, the elderly, the sick in general, orphans, drug addicts, homeless people and immigrants. The institute has 35 seats all over Italy.

The “Little House of Divine Providence’ takes up three entire blocks. Most of the complex is used as a hospital. The statue on the facade represents the founder of the institute.

Cottolengo Turin

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