Della Vittoria District Rome (Q. XV)

Della Vittoria is the name of Rome‘s 15th quartiere. It was one of the city’s first quartieri, though originally under the name Milvio. The name was officially changed in 1935. It is a fairly wealthy neighborhood, with the Olympic Stadium as its main attraction.

Della Vittoria District Rome

History and description

Olympic Stadium Rome
Olympic Stadium

Della Vittoria used to be used for military exercises. The area is fairly empty of buildings, since it was owned by the state and therefore speculators could not get their hands on it.

The most important landmark in the area is the Olympic Stadium, where the football teams Lazio and Roma play their home games. The Olympic Swimming Stadium and the Tennis Stadium are also to be found in Della Vittoria.

Ponte Milvio - Della Vittoria District Rome
Ponte MIlvio in 1914

The Stadio dei Marmi is worth a short visit, while the Ponte Milvio has become a famous bridge after having played an important role in an Italian romantic movie.

The Villa Madama is located on the slopes of the Monte Mario hill. Designed by Raphael, its main building is often used for meetings of government leaders.

For those travelling with children, there is a small playground in the Piazza Prati degli Strozzi. The garden in this newly-restored square is planted with clusters of laurel, pittosporum, viburnum and Canary Island palm trees.

Quartiere Della Vittoria Rome (Q. XV)

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