Diocesan Museum Cortona

The Diocesan Museum (Museo Diocesano) of Cortona has a fine collection of (mostly) medieval paintings and frescoes. Its seat is a former church (Chiesa del Gesú) opposite the Cathedral. The highlight is the Vagnucci Reliquarium.

Diocesan Museum Cortona

Address, opening hours and ticket price

Address: Piazza del Duomo, 1 – 52044 Cortona. Phone: +39 0577 286300 or 0575 62830. Opening hours: From 10:00 to 19:00. Entrance fee: 6 Euro (discount: 3 Euro).

History and Description

Domico di Cortona poliptique - Diocesan Museum Cortona.
“Madonna and Child with Four Saints”, Sassetta (1634).

The Diocesan Museum is housed in the Chiesa del Gesù, built in the early 16th century.

What was once the Chiesa Inferiore (“Lower Church”) is graced by wall paintings from the 16th century, some of which are attributed to Vasari.

The objects and furniture in this section are from the same period.

In addition to paintings from the churches in the diocese, jewelry, furniture and sacred vestments are on display.

Vagnucci Reliquary

The famous Vagnucci Reliquarium was made by Giusto da Firenze in 1457. Almost nothing is known about this goldsmith, not even where and when he was born and died. The reliquary is the only work of art drawn by him. The Christ that adorns the work is not by Giusto, but probably by an anonymous Frenchman from the early 15th century. The box is said to contain part of a piece of cloth from a robe worn by Jesus during the healing of a bleeding woman.

Highlights paintings

Pietro Lorenzetti, “Ascent of Golgotha”.

Luca Signorelli, “Lamentation at the Death of Christ” and “Communion of the Apostles” (1512). The former was painted in 1502, for the Santa Margherita Church.

Sassetta, “Madonna with Child and Saints,” which is also known as “San Domenico di Cortona Poliptique.” It dates back to 1634.

Beato Angelico, “Annunciation of the Lord.”

Annunciation of the Lord (Beato Angelico, Diocesan Museum, Cortona).
“Annunciation of the Lord”, Beato Angelico.

Bartolomeo della Gatta, “Assumption of the Virgin Mary”.

“Events from the Life of Santa Margherita”, by anonymous painters from Arezzo.

Diocesan Museum, Cortona

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