Districts Arezzo

In the oldest layout, when most of Arezzo was still on the upper part of the hill, the city had four districts. These were named after the gates in the city walls.

Districts Arezzo

Original division

Via Pescioni Arezzo
On festival days the streets are decorated with the districts’ banners.

These were the districts of Porta di Sant’Andrea, Porta del Borgo, Porta del Foro, and Porta Crucifera. This division was already made in the 11th century and was maintained into the 14th century.

In those days the districts played an important role in the political and social life of the city and the public offices were equally distributed among the four Porte.

It was only in 1384, when the Florentines took over, that the districts lost their important role. From then on, their only task was actually to collect taxes.

In 1672 a reclassification took place.

Current Districts Arezzo

Of the original districts of Arezzo, Porta Crucifera is the only one that has retained its old name. Porta del Borgo is now called Santa Spirito and Porta del Foro has become San Lorentino. Porta Sant’Andrea no longer exists at all and a new district was created and got the name Porta San Clemente.

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