Don Bosco District Rome

The 24th quartiere of Rome is called Don Bosco. It is located in the south eastern part of the city, along the Via Tuscolana. This part of town used to be called Quadraro but the name was changed in 1957. (Quadraro was actually bigger than the present Don Bosco, stretching from Porta Furba to Cinecittà.

Don Bosco District Rome (Q. XXIV)

Cinecittà - Don Bosco District Rome
Entrance to the Cinecittà Studios

The Don Bosco district is bordered by the Via Casilina in the north and the Via Tuscolana in the south. Its main street is the Via Palmiro Togliatti, which runs from north to south through the central part of the quartiere.

In the 1920’s, when Rome was completely reorganized, was what is now called the quartiere Don Bosco the 5th suburbio. At the time the neigbourhood was called Tuscolano. To complicate matters further, Romans generally refer to Don Bosco as Cinecittà, whereas there is also a quartiere called Tuscolano nowadays.

Except for Cinecittà, which is Rome’s Hollywood, the most important tourist attraction in the area is the church of San Giovanni Bosco.

Another interesting attraction is the Centocelle Archeological Park.

For shopping enthusiastics there is the enormous Cinecittà Due Centro Commerciale.

Quartiere Don Bosco – Rome (Q. XXIV)

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