Emilio Greco Museum Orvieto

The Emilio Greco Museum is located on the first floor of the Palazzo Soliano in Orvieto. Emilio Greco (1913-1995) was one of Italy’s best-known contemporary sculptors, responsible for, among other things, the bronze doors of the cathedral. The museum features about 100 works by the artist, donated to the city in 1991 by Greco himself.

Emilio Greco Museum Orvieto

Address, opening hours and entrance fee

Address: c/o Palazzo Soliano – Piazza del Duomo – Orvieto. Phone: +39 0763 344605. The museum is open every day from 09:30 to 19:00. Entrance fee: 2.50 Euro.

History and description

Emilio Greco Museum Orvieto
Emilio Greco Museum

The Emilio Greco Museum, inaugurated in 1991, is housed on the first floor of Palazzo Soliano. The collection consists of a number of works of art that Greco himself donated to the city in that year. These are mostly sculptures and etchings.

The highlights are a number of female figures, plus some working models of the artist’s most famous sculptures.

The most famous work of all is the bronze door of Orvieto Cathedral, the model of which was donated to the museum by the sculptor’s daughter in 2008.

The second is a model of the monument to Pope John XXIII, which Greco created between 1965 and 1966. The original is in St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

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