Etruscan Arch Perugia

The monumental arch in the Etruscan Walls of Perugia is sometimes referred to as the Etruscan Arch and sometimes as the Arch of Augustus. The Roman Emperor himself had his name engraved on the monument after his troops had defeated the Perugini. The arch, located in the northern part of the wall, gave out onto the Via Amerina consular road.

Etruscan Arch Perugia

History and description

Etruscan Arch Perugia
Etruscan Arch (outside)

The Arco Etrusco was built in the third century B.C. and is located on the north side of Perugia. It is made of big blocks of travertine marble. Cement was not used.

The gate is flanked on either side by two towers built on a trapezoid base.

The arch itself is round. The words AUGUSTA PERUSIA inscribed on it were placed there by Emperor Augustus after the war in the year 40 BC, after the Roman troops had defeated the troops of Perugia.

Inside Arch of Augustus Perugia
The Arch of Augustus from inside.

The other inscription adorning the arch, COLONIA VIBIA, is in memory of Vibio Treboniano Gallo, the emperor who gave Perugia the status of a colony.

The fountain at the left support pillar dates from the 17th century.

The loggia on the upper part dates from the Renaissance.

Ceiling Arco Etrusco Perugia
Ceiling of the arch.

Etruscan Arch, Perugia

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