Etruscan Well Perugia

The Etruscan Well in Perugia was originally intended to collect rainwater. Later it was also used to store water from underground springs. The well is almost 40 meters deep and is located at the end of the Via Piccinini.

Etruscan Well Perugia

Useful information

Address: Piazza Ignazio Danti, 18 – 06123 Perugia. Phone: +39 075 5733669. Opening times: From 10:00 till 14:00 and from 15:00 till 18:00. Ticket price: 3 Euros (free for ages over 75 and under 12). Combi-ticket: Pozzo Etrusco, Palazzo Sorbello House Museum and Exhibition: 7 Euros.

History and description

Etruscan Well Perugia
Etruscan Well

Of the many remains of the Etruscan period in Perugia, the well, which was originally intended as a water storage facility, is one of the most interesting ones.

The well is no less than 37 meters deep and has a width of 5.60 meters. It is covered by a triangular roof made of 5 large blocks of stone.

It was built around the same time as the Etruscan walls around Perugia, in the 3rd century BC.

Initially designed only as a cistern, the well was later used to store water from the underground springs.

The well, which was intended to serve as a water source for the people, could be reached from Via Piccinino.

Etruscan Well Perugia

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