Fabrica di Roma City Guide

Falerii Novi - Fabrica di Roma

Fabrica di Roma is a small town about 25 kilometres east of the provincial capital Viterbo and about 70 kilometres north of Rome. The main attractions are the ruins of the Roman Falerii Novi and the San Silvestro Church.

Fabrica di Roma City Guide

Tourist information

The address of the city hall is Via A. Cencelli, 20 – 01034 Fabrica di Roma (tel. +39 0761569001). The ZIP code is 01034 and the area code is 0761. Tourist office: there is an Info Point at Via Carbognano, 7.

By car/public transportation

By car: From Viterbo drive in direction of la Cimina, continue in direction of Carbognano and then turn in direction of Fabrica di Roma. From Rome follow the Cassia Bis until Monterosi, where you turn right towards Ronciglione. Continue until Trentamiglia and turn right again towards your final destination.

Public transport: From Viterbo there is a not very frequent and very slow Cotral bus connection. From Rome, there is a Cotral bus from the station Saxa Rubra. You have to change buses once.

A brief history of Fabrica di Roma

The area has been inhabited since prehistoric times. In Roman times the settlement Falerii Novi stood on this spot. The first documents mentioning Fabrica di Roma date back to the 11th century. In the Middle Ages it was a fiefdom of different families.

Tourist attractions

The main attractions are the 12th century castle (not in good condition), the Palazzo dei Prefetti di Vico (13th century), the Palazzo Bachetoni and the Palazzo Cencelli. The most important church is the San Silvestro Church. Outside the centre, one can visit the ruins of Falerii Novi.

Events and Festivals

The most famous annual event in the city is the beer festival held at the end of August. Venue is the Piazza Madre Teresa di Calcutta, Loc. Vallette.

Fabrica di Roma, province of Viterbo, Latium, Italy

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