Festa del Redentore Venice

The Festa del Redentore is a traditional festival in Venice. It is held every year on the night between the 3rd Saturday and Sunday of July. The festival is celebrated to commemorate the construction of the Basilica of the Most Holy Redeemer.

Festa del Redentore Venice

Festa del Redentore Venice
Pontoon bridge to the Redentore church.

The festival is mainly associated with the island of Giudecca and is held in memory of the construction of the Basilica della SS. Redentore. This church had been built by order of the Senate in gratitude for the end of an epidemic of the plague.

The church c an thus be seen as a large ex-voto in gratitude for defeating the epidemic. However, the importation of cats from Syria probably played a greater role, as they ate the flea-infested mice that had entered Venice on the trade ships from the east.

Besides the religious festivities, fireworks are set off during the night. On Sunday, several rowing competitions take place in which typical Venetian vessels take part.

A long votive pontoon bridge is made in the Canale della Giudecca (which separates the island from the rest of Venice) to connect the Zattere, the promenade of the Dorsoduro district, with the Giudecca island and the Chiesa del Redentore, where the Patriarch of Venice then ceremoniously blesses the city.

Venetians who have watched the fireworks from the Bacino San Marco then sail to the Lido to await the dawn.

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