Fiat Mirafiori Turin

Mirafiori is the name of the main FIAT automobile factory in Turin. it is named for the neighborhood where it was founded. This district was in turn named after an ancient castle belonging to the royal family of Savoy.

Fiat Mirafiori Turin

Useful information

Fiat 500 - Mirafiori complex Turin
The famous FIAT 500.

Address: Corso Giovanni Agnelli, 200 – Turin (main building). Phone: +39 011 0031111.

History and description

FIAT Mirafiori, inaugurated in 1937, is the oldest car factory in Europe. It also used to be the biggest industrial complex of Italy. There are 20 kilometers of railway line and 11 kilometers of underground road connecting the various buildings.

The architect was Vittorio Bonadé Bottino. He worked on his project from 1935 till 1938. Later, the complex was enlarged.

The factory was inaugurated by Mussolini himself. However, the time was not a good one. People were worried about the impending war and food prices were going up. Hardly anyone reacted when he started talking, which caused him to cut his speech short and abandon the premises.

Fiat Mirafiori, Turin

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