Flaminio District Rome

Flaminio is Rome‘s first quartiere. It is named for the Via Flaminia and over the years has gained in importance thanks to the construction of a number of museums and especially the multi-functional Auditorium.

Flaminio District Rome (Q. 1)

History and description

Porta del Popolo, Falminio district Rome
The Porta del Popolo seen from the Piazzale Flaminio

Until the end of the 19th century the area was rather uninhabited since the Via Flaminia, which ran alongside the river till the Ponte Milvio, often flooded.

From 1905 onwards it became a largely industrial area, especially when the Società Automobilità Roma took up quarters there. This factory was later transformed into the Royal Arms Factory (Reale Fabbrica di Armi) and Flaminio became an area of barracks and similar square and ugly buildings.

The Palazzetto dello Sport was built for the 1960 Olympics and so was the Stadio Flaminio, which is mostly used for the Six Nations rugby tournament nowadays. The architecture of the Palazzetto dello Sport is based on the bigger Palazzo in the EUR district, but with different materials and techniques. It was constructed in 1958 by Annibale Vitellozzi and Pierluigi Nervi.

Other important sights are the Porta del Popolo and the MAXXI Museum.

Quartiere Flaminio Rome (Q. I)

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