Fontana del Calamo Ancona

The Fontana del Calamo is a fountain in the historical center of Ancona. The original version was destroyed in the early 16th century, but the current version is based on a design from the same century. The large statue in the center of the fountain refers to the coat of arms of the city.

Fontana del Calamo Ancona

Useful information

Address: Corso Mazzini – Ancona.

History and Description

Fontana del Calamo Ancona
Fontana del Calamo

The Fontana del Calamo is of Greek origin and was incorporated into the city walls of Ancona in the Middle Ages. It is also called the Fontana delle Tredici Cannelle, because of the number of openings (thirteen) from which the water spouts.

In 1503, the fountain was destroyed and the stones were reused to build the Palazzo degli Anziani. The present fountain was made by artists from nearby Recanati based on a design by Pellegrino Tibaldi from 1560.

The fountain is decorated with bronze masks depicting satyrs and fauns with a large statue of the “Charging Knight”, the coat of arms of Ancona. (Another depiction of this knight can be seen on the facade of the Loggia dei Mercanti.)

From the name it can be inferred that this part of town used to be quite marshy (calamus means “reeds”).

According to tradition, drinking from the fountain will assure that some day you will return to the city.

Fontana del Calamo Ancona

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