Fontana della Botticella Rome

Fontana della Botticella Rome

The Fontana della Botticella is placed between the San Rocco Church and the San Girolamo dei Croati Church in Rome. There used to be a small port here where wine from the region was delivered. The theme of the “Fountain of the Cask” refers on this.

Fontana della Botticella Rome

Useful Information

Fontana della Botticella Rome
Fontana della Botticella

Address: Largo San Rocco – Rome. The fountain can always be seen from outside.

History and Description

The Fontana della Botticella was built in 1774. The design, however, was already made two centuries earlier.

The fountain was first placed on the façade of the San Rocco all’Augusteo Church. After this, the monument was placed in a niche in the arch connecting San Rocco with the neighboring San Girolamo dei Croati Church.

Here there used to be a port (Porto di Ripetta), where boats arrived bringing wine from northern Latium into the city. For this reason the locals wanted a fountain representing a wine bearer. The man wears a lopsided beret and pours water into an oval tub placed on a pile of stones. His smiling face protrudes from a shell.

Fontana della Botticella, Rome

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