Fontana Maggiore Perugia

The Fontana Maggiore (literally, the “Greatest Fountain”) in Perugia is one of the city’s most important monuments and is considered one of the masterpieces of medieval sculpture. The fountain was designed in the 13th century by father and son Pisani.

Fontana Maggiore Perugia

Useful information

Opening hours: N/A Closed: Can be seen from outside. Entrance fee: Free of charge. Phone: N/A Address: Piazza IV Novembre.

History and Description

Fontana Maggiore Perugia
Fontana Maggiore

The Fontana Maggiore was built between 1275 and 1278. It consists of two marble basins that together support a bronze vessel. The two basins are decorated with bas-reliefs by the hand of Nicola Pisano and his son Giovanni.

The fountain was built to celebrate the construction of the aqueduct that brought water from Monte Pacciano to the acropolis of Perugia.

The decorations on the lower tub depict traditional feudal and agricultural scenes, as well as signs of the zodiac and events from the Bible and from the histories of the Roman Empire. On the sides of the upper bowl are statues depicting Biblical characters as well asmythological figures. There are a total of 50 bas-reliefs and 24 statues.

The lion and griffin also depicted or the bas-reliefs are the symbols of the city of Perugia.

Fontana Maggiore, Perugia

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